Stop Micro Scratches On Your Car, Truck Or SUV With This, It’ll Save You Time And Money

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by James Clement

Stop giving your paycheck to auto detailers, handle it like an expert in your own home.

Every day when I went outside, my car looked like it lost another fight with my neighbor’s tree.

I have the craziest story to tell about how a tree almost made me lose my temper, get into a fight, and slug my 74-year-old neighbor.

All this over what happened to my once-beautiful car!

I know, it’s shameful, and he didn’t do it on purpose.

Every dang day my car was bombarded with:

  • Fallen branches
  • Little acorn-y things
  • Car geeks
  • Birds just having a good time

It was like my car was a magnet for a trillion micro scratches!

Then I discovered the solution that kept me from committing a felony against an old man…and his tree!

1 Trillion Microscratches

Fixing micro-scratches is SO expensive, my wife’s car needed serious work from all of them!

First off, you can’t see one micro scratch, but you can see 100.

And micro scratches are how it starts.

First, there’s a “minor” line the average eye can’t see.

Then 2…then 50…then you can’t even look anymore.

My neighbor was a nice old man, and he wasn’t trying to destroy my car.

I think his tree had a mind of its own, though.

See, he planted that tree with his wife when they first moved in.

She passed away 5 years ago, so it holds a special place in his heart.

I get it - my family matters more to me than anything else, too.

But that tree just destroyed my car, and there was no place else to park.

I have a beautiful red muscle car that gleams. It’s my pride and joy.

My wife calls it my third child. And let me tell you brother, she ain’t wrong.

So when I woke up one morning after a storm to find my car covered in branches, leaves, acorn-y things…
I nearly lost it.


I yelled loud enough for the entire block to hear.  People actually came out of their houses to see what was going on.

A Once Beautiful Car

Nothing gets me as mad as my car being scratched, but what can I do?

Like I said, my car is my third child.  So, when I saw the carnage, I was furious.

“How did this happen? Who did this?”

I kept yelling, but it was silly. I knew it was nature, not a person.

But…it didn’t matter!

My car was still trashed!

My neighbor came out, kinda sheepishly, because he’d already seen it.

“I’m so sorry, my tree has a mind of its own sometimes.”

I was fuming, I was so mad I could cuss…or worse!

So I went inside and my wife sat me down and had a long talk with me.

“Richard (she only calls me that when she’s mad), you have to get a hold of yourself!”

“The car is scratched, but you can fix it.”

She was right, so I turned my anger into action.

The Find Of The Century

I went to the local auto parts store and I saw a million products that “fix paint jobs.”

I saw paint pens, waxes, abrasives…you name it, I saw it.

But I saw my buddy Eddie and asked his opinion.

“Eddie, what do you use to fix the scratches, micro scratches, and swirls on your car’s paint?”

He laughed at me. “Brother, you are 100% in the wrong place.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Leave this place right now and go to the internet, that’s where you’ll find the only product you’ll ever need to restore your car’s awesome look.”

I laughed, “The internet? Where all those trolls live?”

“Brother, the most important thing that lives on the internet is called Nexgen Scratch & Swirl Remover and it is FANTASTIC!”

What Is Nexgen Scratch & Swirl Remover?

- Nexgen has THE answer to micro-scratches, swirls and a great looking car, truck or SUV. -

Nexgen Scratch & Swirl Remover is a magical goo that turns old cars into new cars.

It has a commercial-grade diminishing abrasives that you gently rub into the damaged, scratched paint to see it work its magic.

Almost instantly, you'll see those marks disappear.'s effortless!

No elbow grease, no waxing for hours, no massaging your car forever (although I love spending time with my baby).
Just add Nexgen Scratch & Swirl Remover and it's as good as new.

How does it work?

- It’s so easy to use, even my 74-year-old neighbor could do it in 5 minutes! -

Oh man, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1 Apply a dime-sized drop to an applicator pad or towel.

Step 2 Apply with very light medium pressure in a back and forth motion.

Step 3 Use a dry microfiber towel to remove excess residue.

And in an instant, your car will look like it just came out of the show room.

How Do I Know It Works?

Nexgen Scratch & Swirl Remover  was developed by a genius. 

His name is Michael Cantrell, a man with 20+ years of experience detailing cars.

After years of trial-and-error experimentation, doing his testing in an actual detailing shop, he came up with this amazing product.

Then, because he loves cars and car owners, he decided to sell it directly to the public.

No price markups at the auto body story- just low-cost, straight to you.

It works, it’s inexpensive and…oh yeah, IT WORKS!!!

Where Have I Seen This Before?

Oh, how about some of these outlets?

It’s Gone Viral!

This product was introduced just recently to the public, and it’s taken off.

In just weeks, they’ve sold more than 250,000 bottles in just weeks, they’ve sold more than 250,000 bottles of Nexgen Scratch & Swirl Remover.

It’s Blowing Up Social Media, Too!

My Experience

So, after Eddie schooled me, after my wife chided me, after that tree tried to kill my baby…I took the plunge.

And……… Boy oh boy, was it amazing!

I didn’t need much more than a few dime-sized drops of goo to make my car look brand new!

It restored that gorgeous cherry-red shine.

Goodbye micro scratches and goodbye nasty swirls. It’s like that tree damage never happened!

Final Verdict

- You gotta get Nexgen Scratch & Swirl Remover today! -

Look, you need this product for your home garage.

It handles everything I mentioned, plus it has a built-in polish!

It erases those marks and restores the shine you love.

How Much?

Man, if you got a new paint job on your car you’d spent at least $1,000 - maybe even up to $4,500!

But with Nexgen Scratch & Swirl Remover, you’ll only pay $24.95 if you buy it right now.

That's a 25% discount!

If you’re not satisfied with the product, they have a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

Look, you need this today. Even if your car has just a few micro scratches, I beg you to look closer.

Odds are there are a trillion on every fender, on the hood, on the trunk…like barnacles on a whale, they’re everywhere!


UPDATE: These are flying off the shelves, and with summer storms coming, you need the product that’ll transform your vehicle.  Order today and get a 25% discount for first-time buyers.

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Apply 25% Discount & Check Availability