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Bug and Tar Remover


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Nexgen Bug & Tar Remover quickly breaks down bugs and tar to save exterior surfaces from permanent damage caused by corrosive insects as well as swirls and scratches caused by intense scrubbing during washing. Nexgen Bug and Tar Remover is a unique formulation of solvents and specialty surfactants combined to create a product that is safe for painted surfaces as well as surrounding plastics. It breaks down the residue left by bug splatter quickly and easily. It is a nonflammable and biodegradable product. Nexgen Bug and Tar Remover is safe for all surfaces.

Product Features:

  • Remove dried and stuck on bugs
  • Dislodge surface debris
  • Prevent staining and discoloration
  • Turn gentle wash soap into strong grime fighter by using this as an additive
  • Skip heavy scrubbing step which scratches paint


Bug guts are some of the worst things for automotive paint. Flying insects contain corrosive chemicals that permanently damage paint if left unchecked. Our concentrated, fast-acting formula breaks down the most stubborn dried bugs and tar residue to prevent permanent damage. Our proprietary formula is safe on bumpers, windshields, headlights, plastics, chrome, grilles, painted surfaces, and more.

Nexgen Bug & Tar Remover is safe for clear coat and single stage paint finishes, and removes heavy bugs without damaging paintwork. The versatile formula breaks down grease, tar, dried bugs, road film, insects, and asphalt. Nexgen Bug & Tar Remover reduces the amount of scrubbing needed to remove bugs and grime, which further reduces the chances of installing swirl marks and scratches while washing.

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