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Ceramic Wash Kit


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This is the perfect kit for anyone who wants the BEST when it comes to washing their vehicle. Containing everything you need to give your car the most luxurious wash of its life, here’s what you get with the Ceramic Wash Kit:

  • (3) Nexgen Ceramic Soap 8oz Bottles
  • (1) Nexgen Foam Blaster
  • (1) Premium Chenille Wash Mitt

Nexgen Ceramic Soap combines SiO2 ceramic technology with a car wash soap, allowing you to build (or strengthen) your ceramic coating while you wash your car. This unique product is a favorite among die-hard Nexgen fans, and gives your car a protective layer you can’t find from any other soap products.

The Nexgen Foam Blaster creates thick, foamy suds that are evenly distributed and ready to clean your ride. Just fill up the barrel of the foam blaster with room temperature water, add 2oz of our Nexgen Ceramic Soap, and screw on the cap. Our foam blaster is a must-have if you love washing your car (or just want to make it faster and easier!)

Our Premium Chenille Wash Mitt is made up of plush microfiber bristles that hold 3x more soap and water than normal wash mitts. Advanced synthetic material keeps your hand comfortable while using the wash mitt for up to 30 washes.

Best of all, it’s guaranteed not to scratch your surface. The gentle microfiber bristles are designed to spread soap and water without damaging your paint or clear coat.

Give your car the best wash of its life with the Nexgen Ceramic Wash Kit!

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