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Ceramic Soap


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Nexgen Ceramic Soap builds and restores ceramic coating while you wash!​

Make way for the best dual-action auto wash on the market! Carefully infused within our soap is our secret ingredient: SiO2, or silicon dioxide. Nexgen Ceramic Soap gives your car a thick, luxurious shampoo with mountains of foamy suds that emulsify and lift dirt on contact. While it washes, it leaves behind a glass-like gloss and protection that can only be done with SiO2. Our Ceramic Soap works great with a low-pressure or high-pressure foam gun, or with the traditional two-bucket wash method.

Instructions for Use​

Bucket Wash​

  1. Rinse car with fresh, clean water. ​
  2. Get two buckets, fill with water, place grit guard in the “rinse” bucket.​
  3. Pour 2oz. of Nexgen Ceramic Soap into the “soap” bucket, mix until sudsy.​
  4. Using a clean sponge or chenille wash mitt, apply the soapy mixture to your vehicle using the “Top Down” method of application.​
  5. After each panel, use the rinse bucket to clean off your sponge or wash mitt. ​
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 until car is washed. ​
  7. Rinse vehicle, then dry with microfiber towel. ​

Low-Pressure/High-Pressure Wash​

  1. Rinse car with fresh, clean water.​
  2. Fill reservoir with 2oz. of Nexgen Ceramic Soap, fill remainder with clean water. ​
  3. Foam car thoroughly with the foam gun/pressure washer, then let sit for 3 minutes.​
  4. Rinse vehicle, then dry with a microfiber towel.​

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