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Quick Detail Spray


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Nexgen Quick Detail Spray is your all-in-one product for spot removal, clay bar lubrication, and instant detailing​

Versatility meets detailing with Nexgen Quick Detail Spray. This formula is the new go-to for spot cleaning, ceramic coating maintenance, lubrication in clay bar detailing… you name it, Nexgen Quick Detail Spray can do it! With its lubricating anti-static components, this detailing spray is guaranteed keep your paint scratch-and-swirl-free for longer, lifting dirt from your vehicle’s clearcoat and resisting static attraction to dust and other damaging contaminants. Whether you’re cleaning up some bug splatter, doing a full wipe-down, or your quarterly clay bar detail, make sure Nexgen Detail Spray is in your detailing kit!

Instructions for Use:​

Spot Cleaning/Shine-Restoring Wipe-Down​

  1. Shake bottle well, and ensure the vehicle’s surface is cool to maximize effectiveness.​
  2. Liberally mist Nexgen Quick Detail Spray onto area of interest.​
  3. Use a clean microfiber towel to distribute the product around the area and begin to lift some of the impurities from the paint. ​
  4. Flip the towel over to the dry side, or use another towel, to dry. ​

Clay Bar Detail ​

  1. Wash car completely. ​
  2. Spray a generous amount of Nexgen Quick Detail Spray onto a single body panel.​
  3. Work the clay bar into the lubricated body panel using back-and-forth motions. Continue until you no longer feel resistance against the clay bar. ​
  4. Wipe up excess liquid with a clean microfiber towel, and repeat steps 2-3 across all body panels. ​

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