How To Prevent Car Windows From Fogging Up

How To Prevent Car Windows From Fogging Up


We can all agree that a foggy windshield can put a damper on your drive. Most of us have spent time sitting in the driveway with the car's defogger on, waiting until the glass is clear before we can safely head to work. Even if you park in a garage, having the heater on in your car can cause the windows to fog up during your drive. 

Today's golden question is, how do we prevent car windows from fogging up in the first place? Sit back, put the napkins and mini window squeegee away, and follow along for the best way to stop your car windows from fogging up. 

Why Do Car Windows Fog Up? 

When cold air comes into contact with a warm surface, condensation occurs. Fog and condensation are one in the same. Both created by millions of microscopic water droplets sticking to slick surfaces, like glass and plastic. Condensation occurs rapidly in tightly closed spaces, especially when multiple people or pets are in the car with you. Each breath adds to the fog. 

Another cause of a foggy window can be associated with dirty windows in general. Dirt on your car windows can trap moisture. This is why it’s more important than ever to keep your windows clean during winter. 

Car windows fogging up isn’t specific to winter. In fact a warm summer night can be just as problematic, leading to accidents from a driver’s sudden lack of windshield clarity. During winter fog builds up on the inside of the glass. However, if you live in a place where the outside temperature and humidity readings are high, condensation can build up on the exterior of your auto glass. 

Here are a few of the most common reasons your auto glass is fogged over:

  • It’s cold outside, and you have the heat on high
  • You climbed into your car without brushing off your wet or snow covered shoes
  • That hot coffee you just ordered isn’t in a sealed container
  • You’re not using a quality Anti-Fog spray

How To Prevent Car Windows From Fogging Up

While there are simple things you can do to prevent your car glass from fogging up (like wiping off wet clothes, removing any damp towels or sports gear promptly, and making sure your hot beverages are kept in airtight drinking containers) the best course of action is the simplest. Use a quality Anti-Fog Spray. 

What Is The Best Car Window Defogger?

The answer to this question is simply, Nexgen Anti-Fog Spray. While many anti-fog sprays require a monthly application, Nexgen Anti-Fog Spray guarantees one year of results. You may think 4oz is small, but given how infrequently it needs to be applied, you go through very little of it. Whereas a competitor will have you running back to the store every few months. 

So what is it that makes Nexgen’s product so superior? Nexgen’s Anti-Fog Spray is manufactured with specialized surfactants and functional silicones that are proven to prevent fog 5x better than other products on the market. 

Nexgen’s Anti-Fog Spray is also more versatile than others. You can safely use it on all of the glass and plastic in your car. Including visors, screens, and even your glasses or goggles. I would go as far as to state that Nexgen in general makes the best car maintenance products on the market. Each product is guaranteed to give you prodigious results. Additionally, each product is made in the USA, and backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Final Words

Not only is a foggy windshield unsafe, it can slow down your mornings and add time to your commute. The solution is simple: If you want to prevent car windows from fogging up, start with the right product. You’ll save time, money, and some grief.