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Waterless Wash

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Made in the USA

Nexgen Waterless Wash is a revolutionary way to clean your car. You can now wash your vehicle ANYWHERE, no water required!

Equipped with the industry’s most advanced nanoparticles, emulsifiers, and lubricants, our waterless car wash spray will get your car sparkling clean with just a spray, a wipe and a rub-down. It removes light to medium dust, fingerprints and other debris, and it’s SAFE for all exterior car surfaces.

This UNIQUE waterless car wash product works with emulsifiers that gently lift dirt off the paint so it can be wiped off safely and scratch-free. It also adds a nice glossy finish to your vehicle's paint job.

Nexgen Waterless Wash is PERFECT for quick clean-ups when you're in a hurry and can replace a light weekly car wash. It can also be used as a refresh between washes. 

Worry about not having enough time or space to wash your car? Not with this AMAZING waterless wash spray!

    Waterless WashWaterless WashWaterless WashWaterless WashWaterless WashWaterless WashWaterless WashWaterless WashWaterless WashWaterless Wash

    Waterless Wash

    Regular price
    Starting at $24.95 Starting at $24.95
    Regular price
    Starting at $24.95


    Shake well before use. ​

    Spray Nexgen Waterless Wash on the area of interest. Allow it to sit and dissolve the contaminants for a few seconds. ​

    Gently wipe it away with a clean microfiber towel, then wipe it again with the other side or a new towel until the surface is clean and dry.​

    For extra dirty areas, simply spray more product on, and allow it to sit for about a minute. ​

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    Can Waterless Wash be used on windshields?

    It works great on windshields! Dust, dirt, fingerprints, bird bombs, and other debris don’t stand a chance against Nexgen Waterless Wash.

    What makes this different from other detailing sprays?

    What makes Nexgen Waterless Wash different from other detailing sprays is the sheer quality of the ingredients that we use; we only selected the highest grade available in each ingredient. This formula has been used and loved in car dealerships and by professional detailers for over 10 years

    Does Waterless Wash have ceramic in it?

    Nexgen Waterless Wash does not contain ceramic elements. However, it still leaves a great hydrophobic, high gloss, “wet” look finish to whatever surface you apply it to that is reminiscent of a ceramic coat.

    Does this product streak?

    Nope! Thanks to the high quality ingredients and high concentration of product, a little goes a long way and leaves no streaks behind when used properly.

    Can Waterless Wash replace a weekly car wash?

    It depends on the level of soiling on the vehicle. If there’s some dust, road grime, and a bird bomb or two, Waterless Wash will take care of it, no problem, and leave your car shining just as well as a regular wash. However, if there is a thick layer of mud, salt, or dirt, we’d recommend going with a full wash to prevent any unnecessary scrubbing of that debris into your paint.

    How long does a single bottle last

    Since our Waterless Wash is so concentrated, it should only take about 2oz of product to clean the entire exterior of a sedan or midsize SUV. A couple of sprays on each panel will do great.

    What surfaces can you use Waterless Wash on?

    Any hard, exterior surface you can think of! Paint, chrome, stainless steel, windshields, mirrors, rubber trim, headlights, and more will be well taken care of by our Waterless Wash.

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    wiping with green towel and waterless wash


    Effective Cleaning

    We don’t water down our products, so expect great results with Waterless Wash. There’s some serious cleaning power in this bottle.

    waterless wash white car


    Instant Results

    Very satisfying cleaning experience. Watch as Waterless Wash dissolves dirt and dust and makes it roll right off your vehicle.

    waterless wash and green microfiber towel


    Painless Application

    All you need for a truly waterless wash is this product, a microfiber towel or two, and a little elbow grease.

    • Aggressive chemical composition that is tough on water spots

    • Completely erases signs of otherwise permanent water spot damage

    • Used and loved by detailers across the country

    • VOC compliant and safe for the environment