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The Nexgen Pro-Line was born from corporate greed,but not in the way you might think. Before the Pro-Line,we were high-volume purchasers from a previously well-respected auto care company.

As time progressed, this company began lowering the quality and raising the prices of its products just to make some extra money. We had enough and agreed to develop our own paint correction formulas. After years of testing and perfecting, we had done it.

The Pro-Line was made by detailers, for detailers,and will never compromise on quality just to make a quick buck.

All 5 formulas are versatile custom blends, always manufactured in the USA, and use only the highest quality ingredients.

There are 4 main aspects that make the Nexgen Pro-Line superior to other paint correction lines:

Noticeably, the Nexgen Pro-Line includes only 5 adaptable products, an unusual concept for many auto-care companies. Our simplified system was developed to benefit the detailer: it allows more customizability for paint correction systems, fewer stages to reduce cleanup time, and lowers the barrier of entry for aspiring detailers.

The wetter, water-based formulas of the Nexgen Pro-Line are another choice made with the detailer in mind. Most importantly, the wetter formulas keep the products from getting chalky, reducing dust throw and residue, and therefore, mid-work cleanup time. Water-based formulas also offer a longer working duration, allowing detailers more time to perfect their work. Aside from being more user-friendly than oil-based formulas, gloss rating is greatly improved when a formula is water-based.

The sheer quality of the diminishing abrasives in our cutting formulas allows the Nexgen Pro-Line products to be so versatile and effective. While other companies do offer formulas with diminishing abrasives, ours are superior because of their unmatched ability to break down, allowing even our Deep Cutting Compound to finish finer than a traditional Medium Cutting Compound. Our goal was to eliminate as many steps as possible when in the cutting stages of paint correction, saving our detailers time and cost.

The fourth detailer-oriented design improvement we made was increasing product concentration. A high concentration of product means that a little goes a long way, which saves our detailers money, as there’s no need for constant re-purchasing.


The Nexgen Pro-Line, despite being relatively new, is undoubtedly the best in the business. Used by over 600 car dealerships and thousands of detailers across the country, the Nexgen Pro-Line formulas are trusted on over 100,000 vehicles a month. Over the last decade, these formulas have made waves in the detailing community, and are used on vehicle classes ranging from Ford to Ferrari, to even Rolls Royce and Pagani.

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