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Professional Paint Correction Compounds
Professional Paint Correction Compounds

The Nexgen Pro-Line redefines paint correction by taking a unique perspective compared to most specialty products.

More than just paint correction compounds – the Nexgen Pro-Line introduces a systematic framework for paint correction.

With a simplified 5-step product line tailored for each stage in paint correction, you have a complete suite for damaged paint to glossy shine. As you move to the next step of paint correction, you'll use the next product in the line. With unmatched versatility, you’ll be carry fewer products yet handle a wider range of paint problems.


  • Chalkiness prevention: Wetter formulas reduce chalkiness, minimizing dust and residue.

  • Faster cleanup: Less mess means quicker mid-work cleanup.

  • Extended working time: Water-based formulas provide more time for detailers to perfect their work.

  • Faster cleanup: Less mess means quicker mid-work cleanup.

  • User-friendly: Easier to work with than oil-based formulas.

  • Improved gloss rating: Formula being water-based greatly enhances glossiness.

All 5 formulas fit a solve a specific problem in paint correction. They're proudly made in the USA and use high quality ingredients. You'll be using less product on more vechiles.

  • Step 1: Intense Paint Damage: 1000 Deep Cutting Compound Designed for intense paint damage. Features high-quality diminishing abrasives. Powerfully cuts paint down to level damage. Abrasives break down for a smoother and finer finish. Outperforms traditional Medium Cutting Compounds.

  • Step 2: Typical Paint Correction: 2000 Heavy Cutting Compound Ideal for everyday paint correction. Contains specialized diminishing abrasives. Effective on a wide variety of paint imperfections. Suitable for different types of surfaces. Finishes like a fine polish.

  • Step 3: Imperfections & Newer Vehicles: 3000 Medium Cutting Compound Ideal for light paint imperfections on newer vehicles. Contains signature diminishing abrasives. Gently and effectively cuts imperfections. Abrasives break down for the finest finish. Chosen for its gentle yet effective approach.

  • Step 4: Premium Polish: 4000 Polish Premium The last step for paint correction. Minimal to no abrasives for micro-imperfections. Aims to achieve a "candy apple shine." Enhances vehicle paint from "improved" state. Reflects light and showcases hard work.

  • One Step: 4500 One-Step Offers stunning, paint correction-like results. Utilizes a blend of abrasives and high-quality fillers. Eliminates light-to-moderate damage appearance. Leaves a sleek, gleaming shine. Provides a factory-fresh paint appearance.