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Master Your Car’s Shine with Top-Tier Detailing Accessories

Detailing your car is a time-consuming task. So, why not make it easier? Nexgen car detailing accessories are tried and tested to be efficient, high quality, and will help you detail your car to perfection. Designed to match the different phases of your car care, from cleaning and detailing to waxing and polishing...and everything in between. 

We're the number one supplier of detailing accessories because we know that nothing but the best will do for your car. With our full range of options and expert advice, you'll be able to find the perfect supplies for all your needs. 

We manufacture our products using exclusively durable and long-lasting materials. When working these tools, nothing will crack or fall apart. That's our promise to you: Premium DIY car care. Moreover, all our car detailing accessories come with detailed instructions — even a novice can use them.