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High Foam Wash

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Made in the USA

Are you looking for a better car cleaning experience? Try Nexgen High Foam Wash, a SPECIALTY soap engineered specifically for coated, waxed, or sealed finishes. 

This HIGH-QUALITY product formulated with top-grade emulsifiers and surfactants lifts and guides dirt off of paintwork so you can benefit from the full care your vehicle deserves. 

Our soap helps loosen dirt and grime on clean vehicles, while also lubricating the surface of dirtier cars for when a wash mitt is needed to prevent swirl marks. Nexgen High Foam Wash is SAFE to use on all exterior surfaces of the car, so no need to worry about having to order separate products for different materials.

Our specially formulated ingredients that amplify foaming power, and work together to create a satisfying and FUN experience. Whether you use a low-pressure foam washer, a high-pressure foam washer, or even the 2-bucket washing method, our car wash sop will produce the same AMAZING result.


For best results, pre-rinse vehicle before application.

1. Apply soap liberally using a wash mitt or foam cannon.

2. Rinse with reverse osmosis water if possible for best results, otherwise normal water is fine.

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Do you have to use the whole bottle for each wash?

We recommend using only about 1-2oz. of High Foam Wash for each vehicle being washed. It’s very concentrated and a little really does go a long way!

Can you use it with a high-pressure washer?

You absolutely can. Our soap can be used with any wash method. This includes high-pressure washers, low-pressure washers, and the classic two-bucket method.

Is it safe for ceramic coated or waxed cars?

There are no harsh chemicals in this soap that degrade sealants or coatings, so it is totally safe to use on ceramic coated or waxed cars. Your shine will be just as good, if not better, after using High Foam Wash!

Does this product leave behind residue?

When used correctly, it does not leave behind any residue. We’ve found that when a customer uses too much, there may be some left behind; however, that is not an issue when the proper amount is used.

Does this soap have any harsh or caustic chemicals?

Nope! Our High Foam Wash is pH-balanced, safe for any kind of sealant or coating, and contains no harsh or caustic chemicals. Wash away and have no fear!

Is it good to use on RVs?

Nexgen High Foam Wash works great on any kind of vehicle, including RVs. You’ll find it’s a great product for larger vehicles because it can be safely used with pressure washers and other methods that work for large vehicles.

Where is this product made?

All Nexgen products are proudly made in the USA 🇺🇸

Is it okay to rinse this product into storm drains?

Yep! This soap is VOC-compliant, eco-friendly, and safe to be rinsed down outdoor drains.

High Foam WashsfxHigh Foam WashHigh Foam WashHigh Foam WashHigh Foam WashHigh Foam WashHigh Foam WashHigh Foam WashHigh Foam WashHigh Foam Wash

High Foam Wash

Regular price
Starting at $17.95 Starting at $17.95
Regular price
Starting at $17.95
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Concentrated Formula

Only 1-2 ounces are required for a complete, residue free wash that doesn’t strip away wax, ceramic, or any other topcoat.

The Ultimate in Versatility

Use Any Wash Method

High Foam Wash works great with a standard 2-bucket system, low- or high-pressure foam washers, and any other wash system.


Satisfying Cleaning Experience

Makes washing your car more enjoyable than ever. Watch as heaps of foamy suds lift and guide dirt and debris off your ride.

  • A little goes a long way. Only 1-2oz. required per wash

  • Designed to protect and mimic a freshly sealed car

  • VOC compliant, pH-neutral, safe for the environment

  • Restores high gloss shine and protects against swirl marks