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Wet Look Tire Shine

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Made in the USA

Nexgen Wet Look Tire Shine is THE ONE product your tires need. Bring them back to their former glory by adding a high gloss that will make your ride shine like a diamond!

Our Wet Look Tire Shine features a SOPHISTICATED formula of silicones and shining agents, designed to give your tires a high gloss, classic shine, and clean look. 

With UV solar protection and ADVANCED waterproofing agents, it penetrates and moisturizes deep into the trim, to help protect the tire body from future fading and cracking due to sun and adverse weather conditions. 

Nexgen Wet Look Tire Shine can be used with a microfiber applicator or a microfiber towel for a non-greasy, streak-free result that’s safe for the wheels, rims, and tread. Apply it on all four of your tires for a SHOW-STOPPING, head-turning shine that will last for weeks!


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What’s the difference between this and the Tire Dressing?

Our Wet Look Tire Shine works to enhance the appearance of your tires, leaving a beautiful glossy finish that you just can’t get with washing alone. Our Tire Dressing is similar, but is much less glossy and has a bit more moisturizing power.

How long do the results last?

The duration that our Wet Look Tire Shine will last depends highly on the environmental conditions of where you live. A location that gets significant rainfall or has a lot of dust will see shorter results than someone who lives in a drier area. Our customers report seeing 1-2 weeks of enhanced shine per application.

Can I use it on plastic interior?

While the Wet Look Tire Shine won’t damage plastic components, we don’t recommend using it on plastic as it does not absorb into it. You’ll likely notice excess shine and transfer onto clothes or skin whenever it is touched if it is applied onto plastic surfaces.

Does the product sling after it’s been applied?

The product dries down to a point where it will not sling if it is applied properly. If there is any excess product left on the tire, though, it will naturally sling. Make sure to remove any excess tire shine before driving to avoid this.

How well does this product clean?

Wet Look Tire Shine, while giving your tires an incredible shine, is not a cleaning product. We recommend using this product when your wheels are freshly washed. The shine will be much better and it will last longer.

Will this product transfer if my clothes accidentally touch the tire?

Since we wanted to create a product to deliver extremely high shine, the ingredients that we used in Wet Look Tire Shine may not dry down 100%. It won’t sling, but it may transfer slightly onto skin or clothes if it makes direct contact.

Is there any special prep required before using this product?

No intensive preparation is required to use Wet Look Tire Shine. However, we do suggest using it when your tires are freshly cleaned. This will result in longer-lasting results and higher-quality shine.

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Wet Look Tire Shine

Regular price
Starting at $20.95 Starting at $20.95
Regular price
Starting at $20.95
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Sling-Free Finish

Nexgen Wet Look Tire Shine dries down, leaving a high-level shine with that classic “wet” look that gives your detailing job that extra touch.


Easy to Use

Spray it on a microfiber towel or applicator, and evenly apply it to your tire wall. Two steps is all it takes for stunning shine.


Restoration in a Bottle

Moisturizes tires to extend their lifespan. It leaves behind an intense gloss that makes the oldest, most fatigued tires look brand-new.

  • Spray onto a microfiber pad or towel, apply to tire, done

  • Used and loved by motor enthusiasts across the country

  • Water-based shining formula that revitalizes dull, dry tires

  • Top-grade ingredients assure high quality and great results