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Interior Conditioner

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Made in the USA

Need a QUICK and EASY way to get your car’s interior looking like new? Formulated with PREMIUM water-based ingredients, Nexgen Interior Conditioner is an INNOVATIVE sealant that helps maintain the look of your car’s interior by moisturizing and protecting the surfaces from water, food, and normal wear and tear.

The unique formula combines advanced water-based technology with exotic oils, silicones, and aloe vera to create a powerful, water-resistant coating that can help you keep vinyl, plastic, and leather in tip-top condition for years to come. 

Nexgen Interior Conditioner can be used with a microfiber towel or applicator, leaving behind a satin finish without being greasy or oily. It imparts a DURABLE UV-resistant shield against the elements, offering COMPLETE protection for your dash, door panels, seats, and any other interior surface.

Don’t let wear and tear ruin your interior. Pick up Nexgen Interior Conditioner today!


1. Thoroughly wash surface to remove any debris.

2. Apply contents to applicator sponge or brush and spread evenly on desired surface.

3. Let dry for 10 minutes before wiping off for a satin finish.

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What surfaces is this product good for?

Interior Conditioner works great on leather, plastic, and vinyl surfaces. We don’t recommend using it on cloth-upholstery, though.

What supplies do I need to use the Interior Conditioner?

It’s really simple to use! All you need is Interior Conditioner and a clean microfiber towel to evenly distribute the product and to wipe up any excess.

Will this work on faux leather?

Yep! Interior Conditioner works great on any leather or leather-like surface.

Can this be used to clean up spills?

Unfortunately, this product is not a cleaner, so it will not effectively clean up spills or other messes.

Can I use this conditioner on my leather couch?

You absolutely can. Our Interior Conditioner is made for vehicle interiors but is totally safe and effective when used on leather couches.

How long does this product last before I need to apply it again?

It depends highly on the environmental conditions that your vehicle is in. For example, someone living in Central Florida will need to reapply much less frequently than someone who lives in Phoenix. Our rule of thumb is to use it as needed, rather than on a strict schedule.

Does it leave an overly shiny finish?

Nope! There will be a noticeable “freshness” in the appearance of your interior, but by no means will it be overly shiny, or have a greasy feel.

How much ceramic is in this product?

There are no ceramic elements in this product. If you’re looking for ceramic protection for your vehicle’s interior, check out our Interior Ceramic!

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Interior Conditioner

Regular price
Starting at $20.95 Starting at $20.95
Regular price
Starting at $20.95
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Restoration in a Bottle

Nexgen Interior Conditioner revives and reinvigorates tired, dry leather by moisturizing it with a careful mix of aloe vera and exotic oils.


Easy to Use

3 simple steps is all it takes to make your interior look great: Spray it on, wipe it in, and buff out the excess. Enjoy!


Leaves Behind a Great Finish

Wave goodbye to greasy finishes and oily transfer. Interior Conditioner dries down to a luxurious factory finish with no unnecessary shine.

  • Simple spray-on, wipe-off application

  • Moisturizes leather, restores factory appearance

  • Top-grade ingredients restore and protect leather from future damage

  • Used and loved by detailers across the country