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Glass Cleaner

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Keep your windows sparkling and protected with this TINT-SAFE, EASY-TO-USE car glass cleaner. Removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, grease, oil, and grime. No left-over residue, no streaking, and no fuss!

Use Nexgen Glass Cleaner on your car to make your windows and mirrors SPOTLESS so you can drive safely in any condition. It contains static-inhibiting agents that help resist dust that is attracted to the surface due to the charge generated by rubbing the surface with a towel. Nexgen Glass Cleaner helps to dissipate the charge so that once clean, your glass stays that way for as long as possible!

This VERSATILE glass cleaner is perfect for all auto dashboards, windows, windshields and mirrors.

The ADVANCED formula of Nexgen Glass Cleaner is mixed without volatile chemicals, harsh cleaners, or caustic ingredients, ensuring your expensive car tint gets the most delicate, yet thorough cleansing experience possible. No more streaks!


1. Surface should be cool to the touch.

2. Spray directly onto towel.

3. Use clean, dry microfiber towel folded into a square to clean the glass.

4. Use a consistent horizontal motion during application process until glass is clean.

5. Refold towel if it gets too wet and leaves streaks.

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Can I use this on a ceramic coated windshield?

Absolutely, Nexgen Glass Cleaner is safe for ceramic coated glass surfaces and it will not degrade the coating.

Will this glass cleaner affect my window tint?

Not at all, our Glass Cleaner is ammonia-free and is completely safe to use on any tint

Can I use this on mirrors too?

Yep! Our Glass Cleaner is safe for any glass surface, with most any treatments. We’ve even had customers report great results on their screens!

How well does this product clean?

It works incredibly well. It only takes 3-4 sprays per window panel to lift up dirt, dust, fingerprints, and other debris. For this reason an 8oz. bottle will last 15-25 uses, depending on the size and number of glass surfaces your vehicle has.

Can it only be used on vehicle glass?

Nexgen Glass Cleaner can be used on any glass surface you can think of! Our customers have used our product on shower doors, home windows, bathroom mirrors, and more.

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Glass Cleaner

Regular price
Starting at $17.95 Starting at $17.95
Regular price
Starting at $17.95
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Safe for Window Tint

Nexgen Glass Cleaner is free of ammonia and other chemicals that can degrade glass tinting and decal adhesion.


No Streaks Left Behind

Our concentrated formulation of high-quality ingredients lifts dust and fingerprints off safely and effectively, leaving glass totally pristine.


Painless Application Process

This product takes all the labor out of cleaning your glass. Just spray on, wipe off, and enjoy maximum visibility.

  • Simple spray-on, wipe-off method

  • Powerful enough to remove tough blemishes without damage

  • Streak-free shine improves visibility for windows, mirrors, and more

  • Versatile formula that can be used on any glass or painted surface