*Save up to $3,000 in comparison to traditional ceramic coating.

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Carbon Flex

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Carbon Flex - Revolutionary Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle

The Kit Includes 1 bottle of Carbon Flex (50ml) and 1 Microfiber Applicator Pad.

Why Carbon Flex Stands Out:

  • Longevity: This is a true ceramic coating that lasts up to 3 years, and up to 6 with proper maintenance of the coat. Its advanced surface technology and high-quality ceramic components result in long-lasting shine and protection.
  • DIY-Friendly: No professional training or certification required. Carbon Flex takes an hour or less to apply and in the unlikely event that mistakes occur, they are very easy to fix.
  • Durability and Flexibility: Its carbon-based formula maximizes ceramic adhesion and creates a uniquely flexible protective coating, ensuring increased durability against more contaminants and conditions.

Key Features:

  • Extended Protection: Carbon Flex is an innovative solution that makes professional-grade, multi-year ceramic coatings accessible to all. With one simple application, enjoy protection for up to 3 years.
  • User-Friendly Application: Designed for easy wipe-on, wipe-off application. Its carbon-based formula ensures maximum ceramic adherence without sacrificing simplicity.
  • Cost-EffectiveCompared to the cost of up to $3,000 for a traditional ceramic coating, Carbon Flex offers a professional-grade solution at a fraction of the price.

    Carbon FlexCarbon FlexCarbon FlexCarbon FlexCarbon FlexCarbon FlexCarbon Flex

    Carbon Flex

    Regular price
    Starting at $169.95 Starting at $169.95
    Regular price
    Starting at $169.95


    Great Results come from great preparation!

    While Carbon Flex truly is flexible with its application  requirements, let’s talk about why we recommend  going the extra mile with your surface prep: 

    Carbon Flex adheres directly to your vehicle’s  clearcoat, and the more pure and uncontaminated  the clearcoat is, the more effectively Carbon Flex  can bond. All vehicles, even factory-new, have  micro-cracks and pores that a regular wash just  can’t reach. When you combine washing with a clay  bar detail and our Panel Prep, you create the optimal  surface for Carbon Flex to bond with.  

    Maximizing the bonding power will add years to your  ceramic coating, and will make the visible results  even more stunning. 


    Great results come from great preparation! 

    1. Wash your vehicle with high-quality auto soap to  ensure thorough cleaning. Rinse completely with  fresh water until there is no soap left on the vehicle.  Fully dry vehicle to avoid water spots. 

    Optional steps for best results: 

    2. Remove any contaminants or paint imperfections  with a clay bar detail or paint correction process,  depending on the severity of damage.  

    3. Use Nexgen Panel Prep or other paint  decontaminator as the final step in preparing your  vehicle’s surface. This will remove any leftover  waxes, sealants, or glazes.  


    Note: Multiple clean, dry microfiber towels will be necessary  for a proper and effective application process. We always  recommend using gloves while applying Carbon Flex. 

    1. Pour 15-20 drops of Carbon Flex evenly onto the  applicator pad.  

    2. Apply the coating evenly to one panel section at  a time using a crosshatch/back-and-forth motion.  Ensure a relatively thick coating and 100% coverage.  3. Let the product sit for 2-4 minutes to allow proper  bonding and adherence.  

    4. Use a clean, dry microfiber towel to wipe off any  excess product. Use the palm of your hand to hold  the towel completely flat against the panel.  5. Using a separate microfiber towel, buff out any  remaining product and perfect the surface finish.  6. Repeat these steps panel by panel until the entire  vehicle is coated, excess product is removed, and the  finish is buffed out.  


    To double the lifespan of your coating, apply Nexgen  Ceramic Spray as a topper 45-75 minutes after  application of Carbon Flex. 

    Avoid contact with water for at least 24 hours. Avoid contact with any chemical, cleaner, or soap for  at least 14 days. 

    If cleaning is necessary, use Nexgen Ceramic  Spray as a stand-in cleaner. It will effectively lift  contaminants as well as re-fill any pores with high quality ceramic. 

    Maintenance + Tips 

    1. Apply Nexgen Ceramic Spray as a topcoat at least  twice a year for best results. This will fill any pores  or scratches on the coating with more ceramic,  rebuilding and reinforcing your coating in one step.  2. Avoid going to automatic or “no-touch” car  washes. Poor brush maintenance and low-quality or  overly intense soaps may shorten the lifespan of your  coating. 

    3. Use Nexgen Ceramic Soap for car washes. It’s  pH-balanced, concentrated, and infused with silicon  dioxide so it replenishes your protective ceramic  barrier while also offering a safe and effective wash. 

    Thanks for choosing Nexgen Carbon Flex, we know  you’re going to love it! 

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    How long does Carbon Flex last?

    Carbon Flex is a 3 year coating. If you preform proper maintenance, it can last up to 6 years. Its exact lifespan will depend on environmental conditions, mileage, and other factors, but you can expect about 3-6 years as long as you follow all preparation and application instructions, and regularly maintain your Carbon Flex coating with Nexgen Ceramic Spray.

    An important distinction to make is that we at Nexgen count a coating as “depleted” when it reaches 45% of the original coating remaining. All other brands count their coatings as “depleted” when they reach 0% remaining.

    We do this because independent laboratory testing reveals that the benefits of a ceramic coating (shine, protection, hydrophobicity, etc.) start to decrease once the coating reaches 45%.

    Why is Carbon Flex so much cheaper than other multi-year ceramic coatings?

    Anyone! Carbon Flex was designed for ease of application without compromising the great results.

    What is “Carbon technology?”

    The single aspect that determines the quality of a ceramic coating is the amount of adhered solids, which is the measure of how much ceramic is deposited on your vehicle. The “carbon technology” in Carbon Flex references its proprietary carbon-based carriers and bonding agents that result in its extremely high adhered solids rating.

    These specialized components have undergone intense testing, both in the field and by a third-party testing facility. Carbon Flex is the first product in the industry to use this carbon-based surface technology, which has been proven to significantly increase the adhered solids rating of a coating.

    When should I apply Carbon Flex?

    It can be applied in temperatures ranging from 50 degrees to 100 degrees, in the shade or in the sun, and in dry or humid climates, all without any issues.

    What surfaces can I use Carbon Flex on?

    It can be applied in temperatures ranging from 50 degrees to 100 degrees, in the shade or in the sun, and in dry or humid climates, all without any issues.

    Does Carbon Flex require any special maintenance?

    Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure its longevity and durability. It’s recommended to use Nexgen Ceramic Spray as a maintenance product 2 to 4 times annually. This will replenish the top layer of your Carbon Flex coating for maximum results.

    Is Carbon Flex safe for the environment?

    Carbon Flex is VOC-compliant, environmentally friendly, and safe for at-home use.

    Ceramic coatings in general have a much lower environmental impact than short-term coatings like waxes, which are much more likely to run off into sewer systems and nearby soil when washed.

    Can I use Carbon Flex on a vehicle with pre-existing paint imperfections or damage?

    Carbon Flex can be applied to vehicles with minor imperfections, but it is essential to note that it does not repair existing damage. It provides an additional layer of protection and can enhance the appearance of your vehicle's paint.

    If you have significant preexisting paint imperfections or damage, additional surface preparation may be required ahead of Carbon Flex application.

    How does Carbon Flex compare to traditional wax or sealants?

    Carbon Flex offers significantly longer-lasting protection and a superior level of gloss compared to wax or sealants. It forms a strong covalent bond with the vehicle's surface, providing enhanced protection. It’s a 6-year ceramic coating when topped with and regularly maintained by Nexgen Ceramic Spray.

    Can I use Carbon Flex on non-vehicle surfaces, such as household items?

    While Carbon Flex is primarily designed for vehicle surfaces, some customers have successfully used it on other items, such as bicycles, scooters, outdoor equipment, and appliances. Always test on a small, inconspicuous area before applying to non-standard surfaces.

    Can I layer this product to make it last longer?

    Applying multiple layers to extend a coating’s lifespan may be the biggest myth in the industry.

    One of the primary ways a ceramic coating provides protection is by being resistant to foreign chemicals. A ceramic coating that is truly chemically resistant will not allow a secondary layer of ceramic to adhere to it. With that said, you only need one layer of Carbon Flex to [get] its full 6-year lifespan.

    The only exceptions to this rule are ceramic sprays with a high SiO2 content, because their chemical makeup is specifically designed to integrate with a coating in order to seal and enhance it. This is why we highly recommend regularly maintaining your coating of Carbon Flex with Nexgen Ceramic Spray.

    Can I apply this over my existing coating?

    For best results, we recommend ensuring that the vehicle finish is clean, free of contaminants, and stripped of any existing waxes or coatings. It's essential to thoroughly wash and decontaminate the surface before applying Carbon Flex. Follow the specific application instructions provided with Carbon Flex for the best results.

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    At Home Premium Car Care

    "Game-changing surface technology that puts the power of ceramic in your hands"

    We’ve done years of research, development, and testing, and finally had a breakthrough in ceramic technology that allows any car enthusiast to apply a professional-grade ceramic coating at home with a single application. Introducing Nexgen Carbon Flex.

    3 Reasons That Carbon Flex is Better than the Rest

    Super Long-Lasting

    Proprietary carriers and bonding agents

    increase adhered solids, resulting

    in a robust, strong coating.

    Professional-Grade & DIY-Friendly

    No training or certification required

    for premium results.

    Forgiving application that takes only 1 hour

    Durable & Flexible

    Unique flexibility provides increased chemical and temperature resistance, allowing it to withstand extreme environmental conditions.