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Ceramic Spray

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When it comes to paint maintenance, you want nothing but the best! Nexgen Ceramic Spray is the automotive sealer you need for a professional-grade protection. Use this ceramic spray coating to extend the life of your car’s paint job and maintain a perfect finish. 

Nexgen Ceramic Spray is formulated with a sophisticated blend of polymers and nanotechnology. With 13% silicon dioxide, or SiO2, it is THE MOST CONCENTRATED DIY CERAMIC COATING on the market. This drastically reduces the ability for contaminants to streak, scratch and degrade your clear coat and vehicle paint. It also creates an extremely hydrophobic barrier that causes water to be instantly repelled from the surface, resulting in less time and effort to dry your vehicle. 

Once applied, this ceramic spray coating creates an invisible, AIRTIGHT SHIELD that protects against acids, alkalis, and abrasives that would normally damage your clearcoat.

And best of all? You can also use it on vinyl, plastics, and rubber as well!

Do your car a favor and give it a protective layer with Nexgen Ceramic Spray.


Only apply to a cool, dry surface

Do NOT apply in direct sunlight

Do NOT let product self-dry

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How many vehicles will 1 bottle do?

Nexgen Ceramic Spray is very strong and potent compared to other ceramic sprays on the market. It will cover a standard sedan with only about 1 oz. of product, and SUVs and trucks may take up to 2oz. On average, our customers get 5-6 applications per bottle.

Is Nexgen Ceramic Spray only good for cars?

Nope! Nexgen Ceramic Spray works great on motorcycles, boats, planes, ATVs, RVs… really almost any kind of vehicle.

What if my car is already waxed? Will I have to strip it first?

You can, in theory, put Nexgen Ceramic Spray on top of existing wax. The quality and duration of the results will depend on the quality of wax as well as the application. For that reason, we suggest removing any existing wax before using Nexgen Ceramic Spray to ensure maximum quality of results.

What surfaces can I apply Nexgen Ceramic Spray to?

Nexgen Ceramic Spray was designed to be used on any hard, exterior surface. It works great on paint, chrome, windshields, mirrors, vinyl, gelcoat, plastics, stainless steel, headlights, and more!

How often should I use Nexgen Ceramic Spray on my car?

That depends on your environmental conditions and where you park. For example, a coat of Nexgen on a car just off the coast of Florida faces harsh ocean air, bugs, and high heat for much of the year, while a coat on a car in central California faces much milder conditions. Nexgen protection lasts anywhere from 6 weeks to a full year, but we recommend for most users to reapply once a month for maximum results and protection.

Can it hurt the paint on my car?

Nope! It’s made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients designed to protect and seal your paint, not harm it.

What are the best conditions to apply Nexgen Ceramic Spray?

We recommend applying Nexgen Ceramic Spray in the shade, when your vehicle body is around room temperature or less, as cool surfaces work the best. Your vehicle should be clean and dry before applying.

What does Nexgen Ceramic Spray protect my car against?

Nexgen Ceramic Spray will effectively protect any vehicle surface from damage from: dirt, mud, salt, snow, pollen, smog, acid rain, water spots, bugs, general road grime, and more. So, yeah, we’ve got you covered!

Can this remove scratches or swirl marks?

Unfortunately, Nexgen Ceramic Spray is not a scratch remover. While it does actively work to protect your vehicle from minor scratches and swirl marks, it does not work to remove existing imperfections.

Does Nexgen Ceramic Spray clean well?

Nexgen Ceramic Spray is not a cleaner, but rather a last-step sealant for protection and extra shine after cleaning your vehicle. It works best on freshly cleaned surfaces.

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Ceramic Spray

Regular price
Starting at $34.95 Starting at $34.95
Regular price
Starting at $34.95
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With the highest concentration of ceramic in a DIY spray on the market, Nexgen Ceramic Spray lasts longer and gives better results.



All it takes for superior shine and protection is
1) Spray on 2) Wipe in 3) Buff out



Skillfully formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, Nexgen Ceramic Spray is safe and effective for every exterior surface.

  • Lasts up to 6 months depending on driving conditions

  • Super smooth hydrophobic barrier leaves mirror-like reflection

  • Made with 10x more ceramic than other brands

  • Over 10,000 great reviews and counting