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Ceramic Coating Kit

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Get your car’s paint looking like new in minutes with Nexgen’s Ceramic Coating Kit. Comprising our BEST SELLING products - Nexgen Ceramic Spray, Nexgen Quick Detail Spray, Premium Clay Bar, and the Premium Microfiber Towels, this kit has everything you need to get PROFESSIONAL results on any type of painted surfaces.

Our ceramic coating kit for cars is the solution for anyone who wants to transform their vehicle’s appearance in minutes. It allows you to create a mirror-like finish, from paint surface prep and gloss enhancer to surface sealant protection. The protection you’ll receive is EXTREME and will resist water, dirt, and elements for weeks.

Here’s everything you get with the Ceramic Coating Kit:

  • 3 Nexgen Ceramic Spray 8oz Bottles
  • 2 Nexgen Quick Detail Spray 8oz Bottles
  • 2 Premium Clay Bars
  • 10 Premium  Microfiber Towels

Nexgen Ceramic Spray is our flagship product. Containing 13% SiO2 (silicon dioxide), it’s the strongest DIY ceramic product on the market, utilized by professionals and consumers alike. What’s more, Nexgen Ceramic Spray is suitable for use on all types of paintwork, from cars and trucks to boats and RVs. It’s easy to use, too: apply just one quick coat, then leave it to dry, and it’s ready to go. 

After just one application, you’ll see the difference in your car’s protection and shine. With such impressive benefits, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to use Nexgen Ceramic Spray on their vehicles.

The Nexgen Ceramic Coating Kit contains 3 bottles of Ceramic Spray.

Nexgen Quick Detail Spray is your all-in-one product for spot removal, clay bar lubrication, and instant detailing. The “workhorse” of the Nexgen family, our Quick Detail Spray is a must-have for any detailing tasks and combines a lubrication spray with powerful, contaminant-dissolving cleaning agents.

Safe to use on all exterior car surfaces, including paint, glass, metal, and plastics. 

The Nexgen Ceramic Coating Kit contains 2 bottles of Quick Detail Spray.

Our Premium Clay Bar is the ultimate tool for performing a clay bar detail and prepping your ride for a proper ceramic coating. Whether applying a fresh coat of ceramic coating or using a clay bar as part of your regular detail maintenance, the Premium Clay Bar will leave your ride looking showroom fresh. This is a non-scratch and non-abrasive product that is safe to use on any paint type…from brand new to a car restoration project. 

Please see our YouTube channel for instructions on how to perform a perfect clay bar detail on your entire vehicle. 

The Nexgen Ceramic Coating Kit contains 2 clay bars.

Our Premium Microfiber Towels are the perfect companion for any of your washing, detailing, or polishing tasks and feature the ideal fiber thickness and weight, last through 40+ uses, and have better absorption and durability than other microfiber towels.

They are quick-drying, lint-free, and safe for use on all types of surfaces, including paint, chrome, windows, and wheels.

The Nexgen Ceramic Coating Kit contains 10 premium microfiber towels.

With so many benefits, including extreme protection, high gloss shine, and easy application, it’s worth investing in a Ceramic Coating Kit for your car when it needs a little TLC. Whether you drive your car daily or rarely, Nexgen is here to help protect your vehicle with a PREMIER line of products, so you can drive in style and confidence while doing so.

Ceramic Coating Kit

Ceramic Coating Kit

Regular price
Starting at $159.95 Starting at $159.95
Regular price
Starting at $159.95


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