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Tire Dressing

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If you want to keep your tires looking great, look no further than Nexgen Tire Dressing! A must-have in any car owner’s arsenal, this PREMIUM product gives your tires a SHOW CAR SHINE and CLEAN LOOK, without being greasy or oily. 

Our water-based formula is designed to work on tires and rubber, settling in very dry without transfer or sling, leaving you with the perfect finish. The GLOSSY shine it provides lasts for days and never turns to a dull, dirty-looking finish like other dressings.

Nexgen Tire Dressing helps to lock out dirt, water and other contaminants from your tire. It prolongs the appearance of LIKE-NEW TIRES by helping them stay cleaner longer.

SUPER QUICK and EASY to apply, you can use this tire protectant with a microfiber applicator or a microfiber towel. Keep it in your glove compartment or trunk for future clean-up emergencies.

Nexgen Tire Dressing will leave your tires looking new, clean, shiny and ready for you to get back on the road!


1. Shake well before use.

2. Apply liberally to applicator pad.

3. Coat entire surface of tire evenly.

4. Roll tire 1/2 turn forward or back and repeat steps 2 & 3 to ensure full coating.

5. Remove any excess dressing before driving.

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What’s the difference between this and the Wet Look Tire Shine?

Our Tire Dressing works to moisturize tires and provide a fantastic shine that you can’t get with washing alone. Our Wet Look Tire Shine is similar, but has a much glossier finish than the Tire Dressing.

Can I use this on dry weather stripping?

We don’t recommend using this product on weather stripping or plastic, as it won’t absorb as well as it would on a more hardy type of rubber like what tires are made of. You may notice excess shine and transfer whenever those surfaces are touched.

What should I use to apply this to my tires?

Tire Dressing is incredibly simple to use. Simply apply to a clean microfiber applicator, and spread the product evenly around the tire side wall. Wipe off excess to avoid sling, and you’re done!

Will this dry out my tires?

Not at all. Tire Dressing actually works to moisturize your tires, preventing drying and cracking and extending your tires’ lifespan.

How well does this product clean?

Tire Dressing, while giving your tires an incredible shine, is not a cleaning product. We recommend using this product when your wheels are freshly washed. The shine will be much better and it will last longer.

Does the product sling after it’s been applied?

Our Tire Dressing completely dries down so it is truly sling-free. However, if there is any excess product left on the tire, it will inevitably sling, so make sure any excess dressing is removed before driving.

How long do the results last?

The duration that Tire Dressing will last depends highly on the environmental conditions of where you live. A location that gets significant rainfall or lots of dust will see shorter result times than someone who lives in a drier area. Our customers report seeing enhanced shine for about 2 weeks.

What’s the best way to prep the tires before applying?

No intensive preparation is required to use Tire Dressing. We do suggest only using it when your tires are freshly cleaned, which will result in a longer-lasting shine and better moisturizing power.

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Tire Dressing

Regular price
Starting at $19.95 Starting at $19.95
Regular price
Starting at $19.95
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Sling-Free Finish

Nexgen Tire Dressing dries down fully, leaving a medium-level shine that gives your detailing job that extra touch.


Easy to Use

This product has a lotion-like texture that makes it incredibly easy to apply evenly with a microfiber applicator or towel,


Concentrated Formula

Most customers report being able to cover an entire tire (see what we did there?) with a peanut-sized amount of product.

  • Silicone-based shining formula that revitalizes dull, dry tires

  • Apply to a microfiber pad or towel, apply to tire, done

  • Quick application and high-quality formula allow fast application time

  • Lifts dirt and moisturizes tires to extend life