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Master Your DIY Car Paint Restoration Using Nexgen Products

Your car should run its best and look fresh. The main factor in how your car looks on the road is the condition of the paint. While it may be tempting to add a new layer of paint to your vehicle whenever you want to bring back its long-lost shine, you shouldn’t have to do a full paint job every time you need to freshen up its look. You can do a car paint restoration instead!

You gotta take care of your car’s engine, oils, upholstery, and keep it clean. But if the paint on the outside looks old and shabby, what’s the point? So here’s how to DIY car paint restoration with minimal effort, time and investment.

What Happens To Car Paint Over Time

All cars dazzle us initially with their shiny and impressive features, whether it’s a Hellcat or a Hyundai. The paint finish, the color, the shine, the curvy lines…all is good until the day you look at it and wonder…“are those scratches?” Yes, they are. They’re small, but you can’t unsee them.

Then, at a closer look, you also find hard water spots on the passenger’s side, just below the mirror. And what about that small area of faded paint on the hood!? 

What happened? When did your car get like this?  It used to be a jewel. Now it’s a beater. 

So what’s next? You’d most likely want all these signs of wear and tear to magically disappear. But is car paint restoration possible without paying a fortune to a specialist? 

Why Would You Need a Car Paint Restoration After All?

Although most of us treat our cars with care, at some point, our wheely babies will start showing signs of our fun times together and prolonged sun exposure. 

The damage paint suffers can vary. A driver without a garage may have more issues with tree sap, bird droppings, or acid rain, while someone living in sunny areas will struggle with UV damage. 

Generally, the most common damages that can be fixed with paint restoration are surface scratches, water spots, and paint haze. The restoration process is typically the same for all, and using high-end Nexgen products will help you succeed at the job. 

Overall, oxidation — the ultimate culprit — is caused by many factors, which, as hinted above, includes UV rays, pollution, and even salt. If left unaddressed, it leads to clear coat failure, after which it attacks the paint itself.  Not sure what the clear coat is?

It’s the factory-applied protective layer meant to cover and protect your vehicle’s paint coat.

So today, I will be sharing with you the process of car paint restoration! Follow these tips, and you will be able to completely turn things around. 

Can Faded Car Paint Be Restored?

Absolutely. And I mean it. Thankfully, it takes a lot of wear and tear for your vehicle’s paint to become completely dull and your car to become unsalvageable.

In other words, car paint restoration is possible, and you can even do it by yourself if you’re up for the challenge. 

A professional detailer can do it too, but it will cost a lot more. Apart from this, it’s a fun challenge to try, and the satisfaction you get from seeing your car shiny and fresh at the end is unbeatable. I recommend you try it at least once, and then make up your mind. 

How Do You Revive Car Paint?

Car paint restoration is not a difficult process to complete, but there are some steps you need to take. As long as you’re patient and careful during each stage, you’re bound to get great results.

1. Give It a Good Wash

First, you’ll need to wash your car thoroughly. You shouldn't apply anything to it before a proper cleaning. A thorough wash will remove contaminants like dust, dirt, grime, and bird droppings. 

nexgen bug and tar remover for thorough cleaning

Make sure there’s nothing left on the surface of your car anymore. For stubborn contaminants such as bugs and tree sap, Nexgen Bug and Tar Remover will be your best ally.

2. Use a Clay Bar

The second step of the car paint restoration process involves using a clay bar. Want to go the extra mile? Pick the Nexgen Clay Bar Detailing Kit which apart from the three premium clay bars, inside also includes three detailing spray bottles. 

nexgen detailing clay bar kit

Use the detailing clay on the metal, painted areas, and glass surfaces. You’ll be surprised how, once applied, your car will already begin to look much better. It’ll also be smooth to the touch… smoother than it has been since the day you brought it home. 

3. Polish It 

After you’ve done all this, you should polish off any of your car’s defects and remove signs of oxidation — granted, they are still reasonable. I’m talking about swirl marks, micro-scratches, and any other visible marks on the paint. For this part of the car paint restoration process, you can use the Nexgen Scratch and Swirl Remover, which offers a powerhouse of benefits.

nexgen scratches and swirl remover

Normally you would need a cutting compound and then a finishing one, but this product replaces both. If you have a dual-action polisher for this, it will be more convenient for you, as it helps you apply the product better. If you don't, a microfiber applicator pad and some elbow grease will work as well. 

For the buffing process, use a slow arm and hand movement for maximum efficiency. Ensure the buffing pad you use is fresh — not old and beaten down. 

Be patient with the entire car paint restoration process. Take every faded area and treat it with the compound until you see no more signs of oxidation.

4. Don’t Forget To Seal The Paint

Now here’s the kicker. If you don’t know this yet, you should learn that our bestseller is Nexgen Ceramic Spray no wonder why! With its high 13% silicon dioxide content, the Nexgen Ceramic Spray offers unbeatable protection, taking the entire car paint restoration process to the next level.

Nexgen ceramic spray

If you haven’t used ceramic coating before, you need to know it’s, basically, a water resistant seal of protection that you can use on your car as an alternative to wax, and that also delivers exceptional shine. 

How Much Does It Cost To Restore Car Paint?

A professional detailer can ask as much as a few thousand dollars for the job. But, you may be surprised to pay a completely different price when taking care of things yourself. 

Using at least some of the products I’ve mentioned above, you can expect to pay somewhere around $200 - $250 and attain remarkable results. 

Of course, every car paint restoration process will cost less or more, depending on the level of damage your car’s paint has suffered. 

Our Final Word

Owning a car is fun but also comes with many responsibilities. And, unless you plan on owning a vehicle until it dies, your current car’s looks and resale value can make or break not only your driving experience but also the transition to your next. 

If your vehicle needs paint restoration, the key takeaway is to follow all the necessary steps above, and to invest in high-quality car paint restoration tools and products, such as the ones from Nexgen. 

With enough patience and just a little skill, you’ll get your beater to look like the new boss in town once again. Always remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions with care and to have all the materials you need ready to go.

For more information on Nexgen products and how to use them, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We ship across continental US, and offer free 2-day shipping to our VIP members

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