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  • 32oz 3000 medium cut
  • 32oz 3000 medium cut with polish pad
  • 32oz 3000 medium cut with polish pad

3000 Medium Cut

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Made in the USA

The Nexgen Pro-Line 3000 Medium Cutting Compound is the choice product for very light paint imperfections typically found on vehicles less than 1-2 years old. Its signature diminishing abrasives cut gently but effectively, then break down to the finest finish of all our cutting compounds. 

Body shop safe and free of fillers, the water-based formula of 3000 Heavy Cut lets you enjoy extended working time and reduced dust count, which minimizes cleanup time. 

3000 Medium Cut works best on the following kinds of damage: 

  • Minor damage from factory-to-dealership transport
  • Light swirl marks/”holograms”
  • “Spiderwebbing”
  • 3000-grit sanding scratches

Cutting power from start to fully diminished

5 ½ → 2

Compatible with:

  • All machine types (rotary, DA, forced rotation, etc.)
  • Microfiber or dense foam pad

Not recommended for use on:

  • Matte finishes
  • Vinyl wraps
  • Paint protection films


How do I select the right compound?

First, you’ll have to determine the level of surface damage; more intense damage will require a heavier cutting compound to start with. With 5 versatile products, we have made it simple to determine where to start. Here’s a quick reference guide for the kinds of cases each compound works best for:

  • 1000 Deep Cut: Heavy marring, deep scratches, significant oxidation/rust, damage equivalent to 1000 grit wet sanding
  • 2000 Heavy Cut: Mild-to-medium damage from normal wear and tear, such as water spot etching, light oxidation, swirlmarks, etc.
  • 3000 Medium Cut: Very minor damage, i.e. from factory-to-dealership transport, light swirlmarks/“holograms”, or damage equivalent to 3000 grit sanding
  • 4000 Polish: Should only be used as a finisher, levels damage invisible to the naked eye and applies jeweling components for stunning shine.
  • 4500 One-Step: Contains both fillers and abrasives, works best as a “quick fix” for a dealership detail, requires much less time, labor, and cost.

How should I store these products?

The compounds and polishes should be stored between 32°-90°F.

What’s the best location for polishing?

For best results, use the compounds and polishes in a clean, enclosed, well-ventilated space. This will promote safety and minimize cleanup by restricting the natural “throw” of the abrasives as they break down during use.

What type of settings should I use for my polishing machine with this?

Machine settings can be found on the instructions on each individual compound/polish.

Does this work for heavy water spot etching marks on cars?

We suggest starting with the 2000 Heavy Cut compound on water spot etching, as this type of damage does reach relatively deep into the vehicle clearcoat. Its powerful diminishing abrasives will easily level out etch marks and finish down to a shockingly fine polish when used properly. For even finer results we suggest using our 3000 Medium Cut compound or our 4000 Polish after the 2000 Heavy Cut.

What type of finishes will this work on?

The compounds can be used on finishes that include 1-step paint through 5-step paint. However, using compounds on a matte finish is NOT recommended. We do not suggest using our compounds on any kind of vinyl wrap or paint protection film, as they will damage these types of materials.

Does this work for marine applications?

Yes, however, the dyes in our compounds/polishes have a small chance of staining certain materials on marinecraft (i.e. some types of gel coats). Coming soon, we will have a marine line of products specifically made with no dyes for this reason. It will also be important to remain cognizant of the product “throw”; if the craft is outside, dust from the abrasives will travel farther and may require more cleanup time.

32oz 3000 medium cutGallon 3000 medium cut32oz 3000 medium cut with polish pad32oz 3000 medium cut

3000 Medium Cut

Regular price
Starting at $49.00 Starting at $49.00
Regular price
Starting at $49.00
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