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  • 8oz bug n tar
  • 8oz bug n tar with towel
  • 8oz bug n tar
  • 8oz bug n tar
  • 8oz bug n tar
  • 8oz bug n tar with towel
  • 8oz bug n tar
  • 8oz bug n tar

Bug And Tar Remover

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Made in the USA

Do you find yourself scrubbing your car to get rid of bugs, tar, and grime with little luck? Nexgen Bug And Tar Remover is the product you need to save exterior surfaces from the permanent damage caused by the toughest contaminants! 

This bug and tar remover for cars is a UNIQUE formulation of solvents and specialty surfactants. Combined, they create a POWERFUL product that is SAFE for you to use on painted surfaces as well as vinyl and plastic, which means no more swirls and scratches from intense scrubbing during washing.

Apply Nexgen Bug And Tar Remover to bug-infested areas and watch as it works its way deep into the pores of your vehicle’s paintwork, dissolving organic matter and leaving behind a much smoother surface than before.

Our bug and tar remover product is so CONCENTRATED that it can even be used as an additive in car wash soap, providing extra purifying power. You can also dilute it for less intense cleaning jobs and apply it with a microfiber towel.


For best results, make sure painted surface is cool to touch and is wet.

1. Dilute to recommended strength and shake well

2. Apply to inconspicuous area

3. Apply to desired area and let sit for 20-30 seconds.

4. Agitate with clean wet towel or sponge if necessary.

5. Fully flush area with clean water after application. Continue process until area is clean or desired results are achieved.

*Never apply to dry/hot painted surface and do not spray on glass.

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Do I have to dilute the product to use it?

Not at all! While this product is very concentrated, it is totally safe and effective when used undiluted. Now, if you want to get more longevity out of Bug & Tar Remover, feel free to dilute it 1:4.

Could I add this to my windshield wiper fluid?

We do not recommend using Bug & Tar Remover as an additive to windshield wiper fluid. This is because it’s meant to be sprayed on, allowed to sit on the affected area and dissolve the organic matter, and be rinsed off.

Will Bug & Tar Remover strip wax?

It will, to an extent. Since wax does have organic components it will come off slightly when using this product. However, using Bug & Tar Remover is still a much better alternative than scrubbing at hardened bug guts, which can cause permanent damage to your paint. Check out our Carnauba Spray Wax, it’s quick and easy to apply, and is a great way to refresh your wax coat after using Bug & Tar Remover.

Can it remove bird droppings and tree sap?

Yes it can! Just because it’s called Bug & Tar Remover doesn’t mean it’s limited to just those two things. Bird droppings and tree sap won’t stand a chance.

Can I use it on the interior of a car?

We wouldn’t recommend using it on any interior parts of a vehicle, as those parts are more delicate and susceptible to chemical damage.

Do I need any special equipment to use this?

Nope! All you need is a microfiber towel or a soft-bristled brush, and some water to rinse the product off when you’re all done.

How long should I leave the product on to sit?

We recommend up to 15 minutes for really caked on, dried out bugs or tar. Try not to let the product dry up on the vehicle, as it can cause some clouding.

Is it safe to use on PPF or ceramic coated cars?

Yep! This is an enzyme cleaner that won’t affect the integrity of ceramic coatings, vinyl, or other PPF.

Bug And Tar Remover8oz bug n tar8oz bug n tar with towel8oz bug n tar8oz bug n tarGallon bug n tarBug And Tar Remover

Bug And Tar Remover

Regular price
Starting at $28.00 Starting at $28.00
Regular price
Starting at $28.00
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8oz bug n tar with towel


Concentrated Formula

Super concentrated formula that effortlessly dissolves organic matter like bug guts, tar, asphalt, and more.

8oz bug n tar


Boosts Washing Power

Got an especially nasty vehicle? Add our Bug & Tar Remover to level up your washing power with high quality solvents and surfactants.

8oz bug n tar


Prevents Future Damage

Our product helps avoid permanent damage from corrosion and the aggressive scrubbing required when organic matter is left on too long.

  • Removes stuck on bugs and tar quickly, safely, and effectively.

  • Top-grade ingredients remove contaminants to prevent permanent damage.

  • VOC compliant and safe for the environment.

  • Can be used as-is, or as an additive to car wash soap.