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  • 8oz ceramic soap
  • 8oz ceramic soap and 2oz soap
  • 8oz ceramic soap
  • 8oz ceramic soap and foam gun
  • 8oz ceramic soap
  • 8oz ceramic soap and 2oz soap
  • 8oz ceramic soap
  • 8oz ceramic soap and foam gun
  • 8oz ceramic soap

Ceramic Soap

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Made in the USA

When it comes to cleaning your car, this soap is THE ULTIMATE product that cleans and shines at the same time. Nexgen Ceramic Soap builds and restores ceramic coating while you wash!​

Make way for THE BEST dual-action auto wash on the market! 

Formulated with TOP-GRADE, pH-balanced emulsifiers and surfactants that lift and guide dirt off of paint, Nexgen Ceramic Soap is also infused with our secret ingredient: SiO2, aka silicon dioxide. 

A quick spray of our ceramic wash soap creates a thick, luxurious lather that breaks down and lifts dirt particles on contact. The result is a deep clean that leaves your car's paint shining and scratch-free. It's PERFECT for tires, windows, and bodywork, and ideal for cars with full ceramic coating to maintain high properties of protection.

Our Ceramic Soap works great with a high-pressure or low-pressure foam gun, or with the traditional two-bucket car wash method.

Ceramic Soap8oz ceramic soap8oz ceramic soap and 2oz soapGallon ceramic soap8oz ceramic soap8oz ceramic soap and foam gun8oz ceramic soapCeramic Soap

Ceramic Soap

Regular price
Starting at $36.00 Starting at $36.00
Regular price
Starting at $36.00


Bucket Wash​

Rinse car with fresh, clean water. ​

Get two buckets, fill with water, place grit guard in the “rinse” bucket.​

Pour 2 oz. of Nexgen Ceramic Soap into the “soap” bucket, mix until sudsy.​

Using a clean sponge or chenille wash mitt, apply the soapy mixture to your vehicle using the “Top Down” method of application.​

After each panel, use the rinse bucket to clean off your sponge or wash mitt. ​

Repeat steps 4-5 until car is washed. ​

Rinse vehicle, then dry with microfiber towel. ​

Low-Pressure/High-Pressure Wash​

Rinse car with fresh, clean water.​

Fill reservoir with 2oz. of Nexgen Ceramic Soap, fill remainder with clean water. ​

Foam car thoroughly with the foam gun/pressure washer, then let sit for 3 minutes.​

Rinse vehicle, then dry with a microfiber towel.​

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Is there actually ceramic in this soap?

There is! While Ceramic Soap will not replace a full professional ceramic coating or even a DIY ceramic coating like our Ceramic Spray, it will leave behind a noticeable hydrophobicity and shine like a ceramic coating.

Is it safe for RVs?

Our Ceramic Soap is safe for any exterior surface of any vehicle, the only limit is your imagination!

Can you use Ceramic Soap with a foam gun?

You absolutely can. This soap is versatile, so you can use it with a standard 2-bucket wash method, or with a high- or low-pressure foam sprayer, all with amazing results.

Can you use Ceramic Soap on a car that already has a ceramic coating?

Our Ceramic Soap will not degrade an existing ceramic coating. It’s actually designed to provide a boost or refresh your ceramic coating.

Will this work well on a gel coated boat?

Nexgen Ceramic Soap is made with high-quality ingredients that will not chemically degrade any kind of coating that your vehicle (including boats!) may have. It will keep your gelcoat intact and lay down an additional layer of ceramic protection on top of it.

Can you use this on windows?

Yes you can! Our Ceramic Soap is streak and residue-free, cleans well, and leaves behind a hydrophobic ceramic layer that wicks away water for better visibility.

Will Ceramic Soap give a cloth top on a car some ceramic protection?

In theory, yes, as particles of SiO2 become ingrained into the cloth top, it will provide some ceramic protection as a result. However, while it’s totally safe for your cloth top, we cannot guarantee ceramic protection for it. While it’s totally safe it wont give the same level of protection as hard surfaces.

How many washes do you get from an 8oz. Bottle?

This product is seriously concentrated. We suggest about 1-2 oz. of Ceramic Soap per wash, regardless of which wash method you choose to do. We highly recommend not using too much of this product, as it can leave some residue behind.

Does Ceramic Soap leave behind any residue?

Not if you’re using it correctly! We recommend using no more than 2oz. of Ceramic Soap per wash, as it is very concentrated.

Can Ceramic Soap be used on the interior of your car?

We do not recommend that Ceramic Soap be used for the interior of your car, as it was designed for vehicle exterior surfaces. That’s what we have Interior Cleaner for!

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At Home Premium Car Care

8oz ceramic soap with Foam gun


Dual Action Solution

Ceramic Soap is formulated with high-quality SiO2 to leave behind an undeniable shine and great protection.

8oz ceramic soap and wash mitt


Concentrated Formula

Only 1-2 ounces is required for a complete wash. Say goodbye to single-use auto soaps and get your money’s worth with Ceramic Soap.

8oz ceramic soap


Use Any Wash Method

This auto soap works great with a traditional 2-bucket wash, low- or high-pressure washers, and many other methods.

  • Applies top-grade silicon dioxide to give you mirror-shine

  • Used and loved by detailers all across the country

  • Dual-action car soap that emulsifies dirt and deposits ceramic

  • VOC compliant and will not harm the environment