About Us

The Nexgen Story: From Dealerships to Driveways

Setting New Standards in Car Care   
  Two decades ago, we initiated our journey as a service company, specializing in embedded detailing services for dealerships. However, the fluctuating quality standards across various brands propelled us to start crafting our products in-house, adhering to the highest standards.

Pioneering Quality From Need to Innovation  
  Responding to the need for consistent quality, we forged our path in creating products that meet and surpass industry standards. The result is a line of products tried and tested in over 500 dealerships nationwide, setting a new benchmark in quality and reliability.

From Dealerships to Driveways   
  Five years ago, we took the monumental step of bringing NexGen's trusted quality to the masses, fostering a culture where top-notch vehicle maintenance is not a privilege but a norm.

The Nexgen Shine
  Our flagship, the NexGen Ceramic line, is at the forefront of our offerings, recognized for its unparalleled protective qualities and the stunning gloss it brings to every vehicle.

Our Core Belief: The Joy of a Well-Maintained Vehicle 
  At NexGen, we harbor a simple yet profound conviction: every individual should be able to revel in the pride and happiness that comes with maintaining a pristine vehicle. Through our products and services, we strive to bring this joy to car enthusiasts globally.

Our Story