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Interior Ceramic

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Made in the USA

Not your average ceramic coating product! Nexgen Interior Ceramic Spray is a unique blend of polymers and nanotechnology that protects your car from regular wear and tear. Fortified with advanced Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) properties, this interior ceramic coating spray offers the ULTIMATE PROTECTION in a spray-on and wipe-off liquid barrier. 

Our interior ceramic spray can be used on leather, vinyl, and plastic, while providing a DURABLE coating between the interior and exterior world. The UV-blockers help keep your car’s interior surfaces safe from the sun’s harmful rays and prevent permanent fading, stains, or minor scratches. In combination with the benefits from the SiO2, this provides your car with outstanding hydrophobic protection along with a brilliant shine. You'll finally be able to maintain a FLAWLESS finish on your car’s interior.

One of the hardest interior materials to protect is plastic, which you’ll find throughout the inside of most modern vehicles. Luckily, Nexgen Interior Ceramic is all you need for protection on all plastic interiors. No other DIY product goes on as easy and provides protection like this interior ceramic coating!

Nexgen Interior Ceramic can be used with a microfiber towel or applicator for maximum effectiveness.


1. Apply several drops to an applicator towel.

2. Apply with medium pressure in a back and forth motion.

3. Use a dry microfiber towel to remove excess residue.

4. Continue use until desired results are achieved.

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Is this safe to use on white seats and plastic?

Nexgen Interior Ceramic may be green in the bottle, but will not change the color of leather seats or plastic components in your vehicle interior.

Is it still okay to use on heated/cooled seats because of the perforations?

Absolutely! Interior Ceramic doesn’t seep into leather and is safe for perforated seats.

How long should it be left to set on seats before sitting on them?

There is no set time or wait time with Interior Ceramic. Simply spray it on, wipe it in, remove excess, and you’re done!

What’s the best method to apply Interior Ceramic?

It works much like many of our other products. We suggest having a couple of clean, dry microfiber towels or applicators handy

How well does this product clean?

Interior Ceramic is not a cleaning product. In fact, you will achieve the best results with Interior Ceramic when it is applied to a freshly cleaned and dried surface. This product works just like our Ceramic Spray; it contains silicon dioxide and other protective components that work to protect your vehicle interior, rather than clean it.

Will it prevent dye transfer? Like from jeans or black pants?

While Interior Ceramic won’t prevent dye transfer, it will protect your interior from that dye permanently bonding. It provides a barrier between your interior component and the dye, making it able to be cleaned off easily.

Does this product contain any UV protection?

It does! In addition to silicon dioxide, Interior Ceramic contains UV blockers that prevent damage from natural UV rays from the sun. These rays cause bleaching, fading, cracking, drying, and more.

Does this product add gloss?

Not at all. Nexgen Interior Ceramic dries down to reveal a clean factory finish with no added gloss or shine. The finish isn’t greasy or oily and provides practically invisible protection.

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Interior Ceramic

Regular price
Starting at $29.00 Starting at $29.00
Regular price
Starting at $29.00
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At Home Premium Car Care


Protective and Preventative

Top-grade SiO2, UV blockers, and other tech are included to protect your interior and prevent damage from tons of harmful sources.


3 Steps

All it takes for safe and effective protection is 1.) Spray on, 2.) Wipe in, and 3.) Buff out. It’s just that easy.


No Surface Left Behind

Nexgen Interior Ceramic can be used on any hard, non-porous surface in your vehicle’s exterior. You’re limited only by your imagination.

  • Safe for leather, plastic, vinyl, and other interior surfaces

  • Easy application and durable long-term protection

  • Contains top-grade UV blockers and silicon dioxide for ultimate protection

  • Simple spray-on, wipe-off application