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What Does Ceramic Coating Do For Your Car?

What does ceramic coating do for your car, and why should you care about it? In this article, we will go over what ceramic coating is, what it does, and why you should get it for your car if you haven’t already.

It’s said that time heals all wounds. This might be true when it comes to people but doesn't apply to vehicles. In fact, the passage of time will have quite the opposite effect on cars, resulting in faded paint and all sorts of marks, spots, and scratches.

If you own a car, you know its upkeep is not packed with glam. As much as we love our cars, they can be a hassle. From expensive repairs to gas, parking tickets, and washes, cars come with expenses and duties...including keeping them in tiptop shape.

While the mechanical and electrical parts of your car are also exposed to wear and tear, its paint is usually what takes the most obvious hit. 

What Are The Main Threats To Your Car’s Paint?

Before answering “what does ceramic coating do for your car,” let’s quickly look at the main threats and contaminants your beloved ride’s surface faces:

Road Grime 

Unless you keep your car tucked away safely in a garage for all eternity, you’re bound to deal with road grime sooner or later. 

Most people think grime is simply dirt when, in fact, it’s a combination of toxic contaminants such as oil brake dust, bitumen, additives, unburnt fuel, iron, and more. So, as you can guess, grime is harmful and very hard to deal with. So, if you wonder what does ceramic coating do for your car when it comes to grime, thankfully, a lot — more on that below.

Tree Sap 

Did you know that parking your car underneath a big, luscious tree could mean trouble for the paint? Tree sap is actually one of the most tenacious substances on the planet. It clings to the car’s exterior like cement, and to remove it, you’ll need a proper solvent. Avoid parking beneath large trees whenever possible, or if you can’t, be sure to give your car a thorough wash afterward.

Improper Water Use 

It’s hard to imagine that water may cause damage. But, in fact, if you wash your car and don’t dry it properly, water droplets can leave behind spots that are a total pain to remove.

Rock Chips

Rock chips are small stone fragments, usually found at the bottom of the road. They may seem harmless but can damage your ride's exterior if not repaired quickly.

Abrasive Chemicals 

The paint on your car is durable but not invincible! If you drive through a car wash that uses an abrasive cleaner or use one yourself, you risk scratching the paint and reducing the car’s resale value. Abrasive cleaners are especially dangerous for cars with metallic paint.

Bird Droppings 

Another contaminant you should be careful with is bird droppings. They can be corrosive, so keep your eyes open and remove them off the surface as soon as you spot them. Otherwise, they'll eat straight through the clear coat.

What Is Ceramic Coating?

The average car owner has probably tried waxing their vehicle at least once with incredible results since wax is designed to give your car that impressive head-turning glossy finish.

But not so many car owners know what a ceramic coating is or what ceramic coating does for your car. Simply put: if waxing your car is great, ceramic coating is the absolute next level. 

Designed to boost your car’s shine while delivering unmatched paint protection, car ceramics are applied to the vehicle's exterior as a liquid or a paste. Once dried, the material forms an extremely hard and smooth surface which protects the car and improves its aesthetic appeal.

Ceramic car coatings are ideal for new and used cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans. They protect your car’s surface from scratches and dings, and are great as a barrier against UV rays. Easy to apply and maintain, they will keep your vehicle looking beautiful for years to come.

Why Is Ceramic Coating So Effective?

What does ceramic coating do for your car? So much you’ll never want to go back to just waxing.

Ceramic coating is an incredibly resistant, non-metallic, chemical-resistant material that's applied as a liquid onto the car’s paint, creating a durable surface layer. It can last for years, even when exposed to high temperatures and harsh conditions.

When using DIY ceramic coatings though, you need to be aware that they won’t last as long as professional ones. And since not all ceramic coating products are created equal, researching products and ensuring they are suitable for the job is very important.

nexgen ceramic spray

Nexgen Ceramic Spray — with its 13% silicon dioxide — is the most concentrated DIY ceramic coating on the market. This makes it extremely effective at keeping out UV rays and reducing the ability for contaminants to streak, scratch, and degrade the clear coat and vehicle paint. 

It also creates a lasting hydrophobic barrier that causes water to be instantly repelled from the surface.


If you were wondering, what does ceramic coating do for your car,” hopefully this article has cleared some of your questions.

Applying a ceramic coating to your car is the best thing you can do if you want to extend the longevity of the paint — and achieve a magazine-worthy shine.

Unlike professional products, a DIY ceramic coating is easy to apply and very effective in protecting you from the costs of repair jobs.

Learn more about Nexgen Ceramic Spray and other Nexgen products, and become a VIP to unlock discounts, free giveaways, fast 2-day shipping on all orders, and more. 

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