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4 Reasons Why Professional Car Detailing & Cleaning Is Worth It

Most car owners can’t always take their vehicles for a professional car cleaning and, in any case, this is not always the best option. Car washes use harsh chemicals that can strip away wax and other protective coatings, resulting in dulling and discoloration of the paint job. So if your vehicle is looking a little shabby or feels like an interior cleaning session is overdue, car detailing may be just the perfect option for you.

Understandably, DIY car cleaning can be tiring, more so considering most people don’t have the time, patience, or experience to clean their cars themselves. 

This is where professional car cleaning and detailing come in. Most of these specialists offer great services that can make your car look new again. The downside is that these services come at a higher cost.

It's a hard pill to swallow, but car upkeep can be costly. Even if you go with a new low-end vehicle, you're still going to spend a decent amount on the car itself. 

So wouldn't it be nice to get your car looking new again with less money? 

Read on to learn about our Nexgen DIY interior and exterior cleaning and car detailing products, and check out the 4 reasons why detailing your vehicle is worth it.

Why Is Car Detailing Worth It

You may be wondering what is the point of getting your car detailed. The answer is simple! To improve its condition. Auto detailing isn’t just about making your vehicle look cleaner on the outside but also giving it a thorough interior cleaning.

The benefits of detailing and cleaning your car include: improved paint finish, a clean smelling interior, polished tires, and last but not least, a significant value increase. Let’s see!

1. The Interior And Exterior Of Your Car Will Look Better

One of the main reasons why professional car detailing is worth it is because the pros apply the best car cleaning practices.

They typically go through a checklist to ensure they don't miss anything, like door jambs, dashboards, lights, and even between the seats. As a result, your car's exterior will look better for longer.

The same goes for your car's interior. Professionals use high-quality products that last longer to clean everything, including floor mats and carpeting. 

Dirty cars can cause problems whether it's an unpleasant smell or bad air quality so you'll get rid of these issues with a professional detail job. 

Lastly, you'll enjoy driving in your newly detailed vehicle because it smells great! 

If you want to replicate the process yourself, make sure to invest in some of the best quality products you can find, such as the Nexgen Quick Detail Spray. This is your all-in-one product for spot removal, clay bar lubrication, and instant detailing​.

Whether you’re cleaning up bug splatter, doing a full wipe-down, or your quarterly clay bar detail, make sure Nexgen Detail Spray is in your detailing kit!

nexgen quick detail spray

2. Detailing Preserves The Paint Job And Decreases Chip And Scratch Risks

When you let a professional detail your car, they use the best practices and products to help preserve your paint job. This will help you avoid chips and scratches. 

Professional detailers use waxes and paint sealants that will not wear off as quickly as other products on the market. Plus, they know how to remove wash and wax residues from surfaces like glass and plastic  — something you may not be able to do on your own. 

Nexgen Ceramic Spray will help you get the same results by yourself, for less. All you need is a bit of time and patience to perform the process right.

nexgen ceramic spray for car detailing

Applying Nexgen Ceramic Spray is an easy process, and the results will impress even the pickiest car enthusiast. Among all the DIY ceramic products on the market, Nexgen uses the highest concentration of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). 

By using this ceramic spray regularly, you will drastically reduce the ability of contaminants to streak, scratch, and degrade your vehicle’s clear coat and paint.

3. Professional Detailers Use Odor Removal Products That Leave a Fresh Smell Behind

It's no secret that your car is one of the dirtiest things you own, and it’s not just because of the particles that get on it! 

If you're like most people, you probably eat or leave some sort of food or drink residue inside your car. 

With all these contaminants, it's almost impossible to avoid unpleasant smells, which is why professional detailers use odor removal products that leave a fresh scent. They know how to tackle tough smells and leave your vehicle’s interior smelling like nothing has ever happened.

Want to take the extra step in cleaning the interior of your car like a professional? There’s one product that will help you remove dirt and other contaminants from all surfaces while killing most disease-causing microscopic organisms.

Nexgen’s Industrial Strength Disinfectant is a scientifically-advanced formula of antimicrobial chemicals that destroys and eliminates most pathogens on hard, nonporous surfaces.

nexgen industrial strength disinfectant

4. Higher Resale Value

man selling a car and showing why car detailing is worth it

The fourth reason that makes regular car detailing worth it is it helps preserve resale value. The first thing people usually notice about a vehicle is its exterior, paint job, and how tidy the interior looks.

If it's not clean enough, the first impression of your car will be negative. A professional wash and wax will make your car look better and fetch a higher resale value when it's time to sell. 

Cleaning the interior is important too for protecting your original upholstery from spills, stains, and wear. You want to show off some of the interior features like leather seats, headliner, dashboard, etc. And you want to keep all of those items looking new as well! 

Who Can Detail a Car?

Car detailing can be done by anyone, not only professionals, and that’s precisely the beauty of it. 

It doesn’t require you to be a rocket physicist, but you do need to be diligent, careful, and follow a process. And to do it right, you need dedicated cleaning products for both its interior and exterior. 

The benefit of detailing a car by yourself is that you can do it in the comfort of your own backyard, in your own time, using the products you prefer. However, one wrong step and you may look at high repair costs in what could’ve easily been avoided by specialists. Harsh chemicals can do that on your car's surfaces, plus you can also mix them up by mistake — the effects can be irreversible or very difficult to correct.

To avoid any unpleasant accidents when doing car cleaning and detailing by yourself, only go with high-quality detailing products that can help you do the job right — risk-free.

Professional interior and exterior cleaning will take care of everything for you, with the utmost attention to detail and to your car's unique requirements. Professional detailers also have years of experience that guarantee they do the job quickly and with minimum risks for damage. 

Wrapping Up

Your car is your second home…but its interior has more germs than your house! If you drive to work or school every day, there are likely 100 times more bacteria on your steering wheel than on your kitchen countertop. 

And, because cars aren't designed to be airtight like houses, they're also susceptible to dust mites and other allergens that can trigger asthma or other respiratory issues.

All in all, professional — or dedicated DIY — car detailing and cleaning is not only a luxury, but a must. It’s a series of car care procedures for the interior and exterior that will keep your car not only looking pretty but also safe for your health.

Car detailing is also the best thing you can do to raise your vehicle’s selling value, helping you get a much better price when the time to part ways comes. 

At Nexgen, we offer the absolute best products for interior and exterior car detailing. We deliver across the US, and, if you are a VIP client, you get free 2-day shipping. Get in touch with us if you have any questions, our team will be happy to assist you!

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